Sunday, 15 April 2012

what happen to me?

Hai! Assalamualaikum..
How’s your semester break?
It’s bored @ very awesome?
What happen in your semester break, now it’s over..
We should go back to our student life..
Go to class, doing assignment, answering the examination, involved in program & seminar etc

But, this is not the topic that I want to share..
Actually , the main topic is “my journey for end of semester break”

I want to tell you about my experience that I never had
It’s bad experience but I learn something from there

14 April 2012 ---------------------> I almost missed bus T-T

Huh! This is my 1st experience
Actually  I arrived to the Bus station ( Puduraya) early, at 8.45 p.m and my bus ticket show that I should at 9.30 p.m
My false, I forgot to ask the counter ticket about the bus and I’m just go through to the terminal..
I’m waiting for a long time......until 9.30..
But, bus still no arrived
So, I go to the counter and ask that man *don’t know his name
He said “ eh, awat adik baru mai? Pukui 9.30 dah ni. Bas dah ada kat luaq tu, dekat tempat parking motor, p sana lekaih!”

I was shocked, I feel like I reap the life
I run and run
Oh, I can see the bus =) it still there..
With the full of confident, I store the bag in the boot
Then, I find the seat..
Huh! So tired...
Then, one guy ask me.. “ini tempat awak ke?” “ye saya, kenapa ek?, same seat ke?”
That guy take my ticket then he go to the pakcik bus and ask him..
“pakcik, kenapa seat sama?”
“la, hatni bus pukoi 9.30, bus tu dah jalan lama dah. sekarang bus pukoi 10.00” the pakcik answering..

Dupdapdupdap! Allah, what are you trying to tell me?
What should I do? What happen to me after this? *question playing in my mind
“ adik p ambil bag, bawak turun dulu, tunggu sat kt luaq ni dulu. Tu la, kami kami dok talipon adik tak angkat kenapa? ” the pakcik ask me
“sorry pakcik, saya tak dengar. Kelam kabut td “ =(

I’m waiting for the pakcik
I telephone my mak & abah..
But I’m still cool, still not cry

After 15 minutes, the pakcik call me “dik, mai sini. P naik duk kat ataih tu. Lain kali orang telefon jawab, peka!’
DUSHH!! I’m very embrassing
“sorry pakcik, saya tak dengar tadi. Terima kasih banyak-banyak”
I’m find my seat and everyone looking at me
Cool Dalila, cool ~

Then my younger sister call
Actually she want to make sure that everything fine
But, I don’t know what happen to me, I’m crying like a child
I’m not answering  call from mak & abah
Just reply the massage “ semuanya ok, jangan risau pasal Dalila, TQ ”

And when I’m arrived at UUM
Everything ok....
 laugh at myself
It’s bad experience, but I can learn something

FOOTNOTE: please alert !!!!!

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